Citizens' initiative to strengthen our elections by implementing Voter ID for Maine

About the Initiative

Voter ID for ME is a grassroots citizen-led initiative to implement Voter ID in Maine. The Maine legislature has repeatedly refused to strengthen our elections via legislation like Voter ID. We, the citizens, can do what the legislature will not and take the question directly to Maine voters at the ballot box, thanks to our 1st amendment right to petition our government.

We invite all those who want stronger elections to join our movement and help us succeed in implementing Voter ID in Maine!

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The legislature has refused to listen to Maine people and pass legislation to implement Voter ID, so we are empowering the citizens of Maine to take action. Submit your information below to join the movement and help strengthen Maine's elections!

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Fuel the Movement!

Citizens' Initiatives in Maine are a driving force behind real change, but we need your support to fund our mission and implement Voter ID in Maine. YOUR CONTRIBUTION, no matter the size, powers our efforts to strengthen elections for all Mainers.

Will you stand with us and chip in today to help us get on the ballot?

Collected: $??,??? Goal: $100,000

Why sign up on this website?

Signing up on our website doesn't add your name or signature to the official petition. Signing up keeps you informed; you're important to our mobilization effort. Together, we'll succeed in getting Voter ID on the ballot and we'll win!

Who can sign the petition?

Any registered Maine voter may sign the official petition to help us get the question on the Maine ballot.

Can I help collect signatures?

Yes! We're looking for volunteers to collect signatures. Just sign up in the "Get Involved" section and check the box: "Collect Signatures." One of our volunteer coordinators will contact you.

What is "Host a Signature Event?"

Can you host or organize at least 25 voters from one town to meet up at a single location? That�s Hosting a Signature Event. One of our Signature Collectors will come to your Signature Event to facilitate signing the petition.

To host or organize an event, sign up in the "Get Involved" section and check the box: "Host a Signature Event." One of our volunteer coordinators will contact you.

How many signatures are required?

67,682 valid signatures from Maine registered voters are required to get the question onto the Maine Ballot, which is 10% of the total votes cast for Governor on Nov. 8th, 2022.

Our aim is to obtain 100,000 signatures. Collecting more than the required amount compensates for signatures that may be rejected by the Secretary of State. We'll succeed in getting the question on the ballot.

What is the deadline?

Our signature collection deadline is November 16, 2025. A ballot initiative effort has 18 months from date of issuance to submit the required number of signatures to the Secretary of State. We plan to submit our signatures well before the deadline.

When will Voter ID be on the ballot?

The earliest Voter ID for ME could be on the ballot is November 2025, if we submit the required number of signatures by January 23, 2025.

Do other states have Voter ID?

36 states have laws requesting or requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls.

21 of those states ask for a Photo Identification while 15 accept Non-Photo identification.

The 14 states that do not require any identification are: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Hawaii, plus Washington D.C.

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Can I see the petition language?

To the Legislature of the State of Maine: In accordance with Section 18 of Article IV, Part Third of the Constitution of the State of Maine, the electors of the State of Maine, qualified to vote for Governor, residing in said State, whose names have been certified on this petition, hereby respectfully propose to the Legislature for its consideration the following entitled legislation: "An Act to Require an Individual to Present Photographic Identification for the Purpose of Voting".

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